Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bar Tabac Bastille Day Pétanque Tournament 2008

An email Brooklyn Boule Received about Bastille day, and our reply, to the best of my knowledge :-


I was reading your blog and the post about playing on Smith Street on Bastille day.
Where do you sign up? I can't find any info online.



For the Bar Tabac Bastille Day Tournament on the 13 th July 2008.
Your best bet is signing up at Bar Tabac
or at Tout Va Bien in person. These are, as far as I know, the only "open" places for unaffiliated LBNY or Brooklyn Boule club members. Slots are scarce, so put your name and cash down ASAP.It's first come first served.( I believe it's $35.00 per team, but I could be wrong.) Please call these restaurants first, to make appointments, as they are very busy this time of year, and respect their time and patience. Brooklyn Boule has our honored place in the tournament so keep an eye out for us and cheer us on..... If you or anyone else misses out on this year you can join Brooklyn Boule or LBNY, to play in next years Bastille day Tournament and all season long, with membership to either of these local clubs.

All the best and see you there.

Brooklyn Boule

NEW MESSAGE BOARD AND FORUM..... Grand Opening Of Boule Brocante!

Finally, after hours of dedicated, mind numbing computer strain..... The new board is up and running. I've put a lot of time and effort in to this so I hope that you, the Pétanque players, can make to most of it. This new version is in the format of a Message forum. Multiple categories and topics. Set up to provide open discourses as well as Brooklyn Boules' new brain child; BOULE BROCANTE . So please give a warm welcome to the new board and use it......




Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whooo Hooo Wednesday.....

Ah, a wonderful night. Perfectly cool as the sky turned pink, it's still light at 8.00, but the lights are on and the games a foot. Ernesto, Christophe, Hugh, Mark and Tony, exiting stage left, found his way to McCarren park. A merry bunch of men, jousting at triples. Proud Ernesto, having come second in the Hery Cup, made a superb carreau, that left his ball bouncing on the spot, like a ping pong ball. And bought us the news that our place has been secured for the Bar Tabac Bastille Day Tournament. Fun Fun Fun..... Thanks to all that came out and a big warm welcome to Tony, may we see you soon..... Here are some pics from my cell phone that are rather terrible but it's all I had.

More on Bastille Day to come...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Message Board and Forum...

A new wonderful Brooklyn Boule Message Board and Forum is being created, please be patient whist we work out the kinks to get this thing up and running........ T

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathersday Festivities.....

So.... last weekend was as lovely as last year, Dominican cigars, tummies full of brunch and Bloody Marys and Boule up the wazoo. Nothing quite drowns out the sound of children playing than the Clack Clack of Boules playing.... God bless 'em.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wenesday Night Presidential Showdown..

Coming back from my trip with a costly cancellation and layover in Chicago, I was eager to get out and play some Pétanque with familiar faces. To my wonderment and joy, Christophe (ex-president LBNY) called, whilst I was purchasing pétanque refreshments, and said he was in town and that there would be a full house in Brooklyn that evening.(About bloody time...) So at 8.00, new rake in had, (it's huge!) I headed off to McCarren Park to find Mark, Bruce (LBNY not Brooklyn) and Ernesto (President LBNY) warming up on the spot lit piste. After a while and some catch up gossip, Christophe and Hugh turned up to even out the numbers for a game of triples. Although most of us were a little rusty and beer soaked, some wonderful plays were made and it's always nice to see twelve balls in play in the park. So a fond welcome back Christophe and I hope to see you all back in the park next Wednesday night, as now the evenings are the only bearable time to be out side anyway.

Back from Minneaplois.......

We will never travel American Airlines again!!!!! #@%+&*#@^!!!!!...but I shan't go into that.

On a brighter note we had a fine time in Minneapolis, and the highlight of that was visiting the Minneapolis Petanque Club. We were welcomed with open arms, as Don and Don introduced us to their piste. A lovely spot on the edge of Beltrami Park home to half a dozen unused Bocce courts; Which was a surprisingly pleasant surface to play on, although with the resent rain and the underlying clay, made it easy to pock mark. A few more Minnesotan club members turned up and laura stepped out to be replaced by her bother Matt (future Bruce in the making). So we had enough time for one game of triples, then Matt and I took on the Don's for two games of doubles. And fun was had by all on that humid day between threats of tornadoes and intence thunder storms.Don Holzschuh was kind enough to give us all Club caps and as Brooklyn Boule has yet to produce theirs, A bottle of RICARD was offered in return. So many thanks to you Don and fellow Mid-West Boulistes, for showing us a good time and warm welcom. We shall be back..........

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Off to Minneapolis......

Time has come for Brooklyn Boule to venture to the Mid-west and see what the rest of American Petanque players are up too. Maybe inspiration, urban camaraderie or a little competition; either way, it's nice to know, that where ever one travels in the world, there is always a little Petanque to be had. We'll be stopping by and hopefully joining in on a few games at:

Petanque this Sunday at 1pm
Beltrami Park,Minneapolis

Don Holzschuh
Minneapolis Petanque Club
"Boules d'Acier"

Please join us if your in the area. Although two of us are off roaming the lake filled land of the Mid-West doesn't mean that Brooklyn Boule is on hiatus, I'm sure there will be games and practices going on under the oaks; as training for the Henry Open (LBNY) will be under way.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Holy Crap......

Of all the French Ebay Petanque goodies I've found over the years this one goes straight to number one. Need I say more the image speaks for it's self, I'm bidding so hands off, this one goes on the Brooklyn Boule Wall of Fame.......


Can it get any better... I'll keep my eyes peeled.