Friday, May 30, 2008

Founding Fathers Day.....

Brooklyn Boule, having been created by Fathers and the "first" Petanque club in Brooklyn, I might add; give an early Salute to all the other Petanque playing Fathers out there. And hope, that you will get one of these fine coat racks to hang your berets on after a fine Fathers Day of Boule playing.....I pulled this image off of French ebay, cleaver those French...... more to come, sorry I've been busy (and sulking a little). The sun is shining, we're still out there, Wednesday and Sunday, and there is a Brooklyn Boule Petanque Picnic on he horizon; if anyone is interested in coming, please let me know. All the best and enjoy the good weather (finally) .... All hail the Fathers of Petanque and the Best of Brooklyn Boule...... T

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunnyish Mothering Sunday......

The weather.......Oh my.

Mothering Sunday was the day for the Shelia's to shine, and they did, a lot more than the sun did. A fine day for all. Kids and craziness abound. Fruity drinks, fabulous Fannys and icecream made in a ball. All hail the Brooklyn Boule babes ..... until next time.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Support from

Hi T,

I read your frustration on being all alone on a splendid Wed night.
Indeed, what a shame. Shouldn't be: not in May, and not when I know we ship
boules to Brooklyn on a regular basis, and there's nowhere else to play in NY at night!

I'll make another post on our blog. But I'd recommend that, right on the top of your blog you clearly mention in BIG letters the play times on Wed & Sun. Right now, they sort of slid down on the right. Better yet, have a small permanent post, say dated Dec 31, that always stays on top. Like I've done for our Carolina Open. And then I'll email all the people in Brooklyn we shipped boules to over the last 18 months, with a link to your blog.

Don't give up!!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Starlight Mint.........

Again I apologise for my previous post but I don't believe that "Jeppy" is the only one who reads the Brooklyn Boule Blog.......

On another note;
As we all know, it is inexcusable to forget to bring a Cochonnet with you when you set out for a nice game of Petanque. Unfortunately though it does happen, and more times than I'd like. Standing on the Piste with Boules in hand, it is hard to turn around and hike back home in search of your missing target. So the improvisation kicks in and alternatives are reached for. In the past we have successfully used a discarded Coke bottle cap, being red and roughly the right size, not to mention that our park is well used and a little unkempt, they're not too hard to find. But last Sunday, we we're in that unforgiving circumstance. Yet there was not a Coke cap to be found, remarkably. So we scoured the grounds in search of "something" that we could use. Then at last I found, on the grass, a wrapped Starlight Mint, neglected or lost, all on it's lonesome. So, in a very humorous and some times frustrating way, we used the little stripy candy as a Cochonnet. So from that I was wondering what other, if any, substitutions have been made by players in the same situation. Please feel free to send me or leave a comment on the object that became Cochonnets, because all you wanted to do is play Petanque, and walking or driving home, was not an option.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday Night Washout....

If I may, I have a gripe or two.......

I'm not to sure whether it's the weather or the "What ever!" but Wednesday's turn out was terrible. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.. A beautiful Wednesday night and no one was around???? I don't get it, there is room for so much more. two playable Pistes in the newly enhanced stadium lights. Yet no players ventured into Brooklyn. It's the first stop on the (L) train into Brooklyn and it's the least like Brooklyn, part of Brooklyn. It's like going to the west Village for "Boule's" sake!!! Why Why Why... You Petanque Players, Why aren't you taking advantage of what we have nurtured? Washington Square is in the middle of being remodeled and manicured, Bryant Park is like playing in a parking lot, something happens, amongst the horse manure, in Central Park and yet nobody bothers to come to Brooklyn. I'm happy to be playing with any Bruce that walks along and joins in, but there are " supposedly" hundreds of Petanque players in the New York area, where are they? Not to mention that it is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Brooklyn Boule's number one Bruce (Mark) is moving to Pittsburgh in July. Does this mark the end of Brooklyn Boule? Well hopefully not but with the recent turn-out being the way it is, who knows. How the "Boule" can I form a club when everyone keeps flip flapping over where they want to play? I'm Sorry to complain and whine but I just want to bring this to the table........break bread and share the "wine"!!!

And so...... I shall be saluting my dear friend Bruce (Mark), as he ventures off to other climes, and with his strength and support continue with Brooklyn Boule as best I can. A great petanque player, vigilant student and a very best friend. You will be missed by many, yet stay warm in out hearts forever.....Boule on Brother.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bourgeois 50's Boule..........

I found this fantastic vintage photograph online and just had to share. (Although I had to doctor it in photoshop as it was in two halves, having come from a magazine spread.)

What a place, cavernous and rustic yet filled with frolicking fifties folk, playing petanque in suits. If only there was a place like this in Brooklyn....