Friday, May 28, 2010


Since I haven't updated for a long time I thought it best to do so.

McCarren Park has undergone some changes over the last year or so. The one thing that affected pétanque play the most was the closing off of the area behind the Parks Department building on the North end of the park. Is was the space the avid volleyballers swarmed to every weekend, from sun-up to sun-set, these guys are serious about their game. But the park decided to close it off, for well over a year. In doing so left the volleyballers without an arena and forced then to find other spots, namely 'ours'.
Hard enough as it is with the overcrowding of Williamsburg and sheer volume of people playing every game under the sun, it made it near impossible to play on Sunday afternoons. A week or so ago they took the fences down, from the old volleyball courts. So, we'll see if they head back or not.
Wednesday nights this year have been mainly wet and miserable. But it is still the best time to play in the park, cool and lit in the warm summer months ahead.
The Parks/Dept have turned on Spotlight 4 which gives more light and they've planted a few more trees around for good measure.

I have met, heard from and played with many Pétanquers over the years that want to play or have played in McCarren Park. Yet the commitment needed to establish a regular schedule is still lacking. The whole North Brooklyn "Green" space is changing, due to massive east river development, now is the time to unite for the greater good of a community. Only together, as lovers of the game, can we establish a permanent, undisturbed and respected site to play on.

The Message Board feature has been removed from this Blog as unfortunately it was not a successful as I'd hoped. I always thought the Recycle-a-boule was a great idea, but without regular users, it becomes a ghost-town. (If there a desire for this continue I will bring it back, or if someone is selling a set or pétanque related items on ebay or craigslist, I can list them here..)

As for the Blog it self, I may see if attaching it to Facebook works as far as linking the updates to friends-of Brooklyn-Boules walls. This may inform and hopefully entertain, at speed most are used to. I would like to continue updating and posting, so the more feedback and support the Blog gets, the more it will be kept active.

(A message from the author)

"I apologize if I have neglected this Blog and broken promises of updates and postings of all things pétanque. Since this Blogs inception there have been many others that have followed suit, and now somewhat overshadow, this small one-armed-bandit of a plea for committed players.
I have worked hard to make the site as useful and creative as I could, to promote pétanque, in Brooklyn and afar. In doing so, it has changed my life; The people I have met and the games I have played. The technical skills I have discovered whilst creating the graphic and film elements of the Blog has enriched my artistry and Adobe© deciphering. All of the fresh air I have inhaled as a result of being outside, battling the weather and stray balls in McCarren park. The support that I and the Blog have gotten over the years has been phenomenal. I have been enriched through the game of pétanque and the people that play it. Young and old, the curiosity for the game draws a diverse crowd worldwide.
I was never that fond of 'sports' and wasn't even aware that pétanque was one until I started promoting it in Brooklyn, Game being different from a Sport. Yet as my knowledge grew I became more aware of harmony within the duality. The friendly, casual and social game, can, with or without an umpire, be respectfully approached in the context of a focused challenge. Hunt the point, shoot the coch, eye-ball that triangulation of who is closer, a good firm handshake and abide by the etiquette of a scholar. Which ever way you view and play pétanque, it never ceases to be rewarding.

For the past two years I have been working on a exciting Pétanque project that will, when it's finished, be a wonderful addition to the pétanque community worldwide. This 'project' has caused me to neglecting the Blog of a time but I'm hoping to add to the evolution and contemporary approach of the wonderful thing that is Pétanque. I will be previewing all our endeavors as soon a available. Meanwhile please participate when you visit the Blog, sign the guest book, brows through the posts, comment and share your thoughts.

I wish also to give a personal thanks to; Laura (my wife and giver of my first set of boule), Nick (the man that reignited the fire), Mark (my boulebotherforever), Benedict (my true brother,
for believing in and questioning all that I do), Callahan (where ever you are), Christophe, Philippe, Ernesto, Jeppy, JC, all the people I've dragged to the park, all the commenters on the blog and the ongoing friendships I've made having fun with balls of steel. Hats off to you all........"


Oh yeah, by the way Brooklyn Boule is not New York Pétanque Club. They are firmly seated south of Prospect Park. So please visit their site, (see link) for questions about their new courts and club information. I'll be teaching pétanque in Bryant Park on Thursdays 11.00 - 2.30 this summer, feel free to stop by.....

Don't let the Pigeon play pétanque....