Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Another unrelated petanque post (sorry). But if any of my faithful Blog watchers and Petanque players are interested in seeing my latest paintings. No boule yet but I'm working on future ideas. So if your in or near Brooklyn you can see them at:

jan & äya,
99 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
web: www.janandaya.com

The opening is this Friday at 6.00 - Free booze and goodies galore!

Sorry about previous typo.... T

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Gray Sunday

Gray, gray, gray....Sunday. We were out in the odd Brooklyn Mist, playing on the dry pistes under the oaks, amazing how rain can return to the earth and not interfere in our Sunday playing. Kick Ball season "kicked" off this afternoon as the crazies came out of hibernation. But it's always nice to have mayhem around when we play as long as it's far enough away and doesn't distract us from our game play. Playing Petanque under the freshly pruned Oaks really does situate you right in the heart of McCarren park and all the goings on there. Luckily they didn't mulch the piste this past earth day, although the did try to reseed, but that ain't gonna happen. Trees may grow in Brooklyn but grass don't! Hooray for us!!! But the sun will come out and the festivities will commence. Come and join in the fun, the more players the better as we now have two very playable pistes and the Park is ours.............. Boule on comrades!!!!!



Hello all—

A lovely time was had by all on a beautiful Texas spring day.
Here are some photos of the event.


Good on ya Bruce!! Come back to Brooklyn soon.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday Night Lessons in Physics......

A lovely warm Spring evening drew us out to bask, in the now, super bright stadium lights of McCarren Park and enjoy a few games of Petanque. As we often bring out extra sets of Bolues to use as targets it is always handy when passers-by wish to join in; and last night was a fine example of just of just that. A boisterous bunch of local lads, eager to comprehend what the hell we we're doing with the metal balls, asked if the could play. So after a brief lesson in petanque etiquette, we played an interesting game of triples with jovial smiles abound. Then as the night wore on and the boys left of prior engagements another couple of likely players ambled by and stopped to watch. So, as before, we educated them on the rules and game play. It is truly amazing how quickly can fall in love with Petanque and pick it up so naturally, after and initial warm up and an quick lesson in physics. Thanks to all that stopped by an we hope to see you again soon..........

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LBNY Petanque...... Brooklyn Boule Gate Crashes!!

A fine weekend playing in Manhattan, for a change of pace, reconnecting with familiar faces and good players. LBNY always with open arms, welcomed us at Bryant park and under gray skies good times were had by all. Thank you to all those we played, and didn't. A special thanks to Gilles for being such a gentleman and Ernesto for Ruling the Empire with only the slightest of frowns....good job!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tobacco Testosterone........ Gauloises! AAAAAAAH! .........(not Petanque related)

Nothing quite beats smoking French Cigarettes, unless your beating a gang of three over your French Cigarettes.... I love Gauloises Caporal (Brunnes), if anyone has any please let me know.!!! As playing Petanque with a Gauloises hanging from ones lip makes you look La Merde!

*(Please note that Brooklyn Boule does not promote underage smoking, nor any benefit to be had from smoking French cigarettes whilst playing Petanque. Smoking is bad for your health and has somewhere, been proven to cause cancer. But if you 18+, smoke em' if ya got'em!!!!!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday night thanks......


great to see you, fun time
regrets I had to bail early,
but had job stuff this am.
Looking forward to seeing
you all next week!


Saturday, April 12, 2008


Brooklyn Boule is this year, attempting to gather enough memberships to apply for the Federation of Petanque of the United States of America. To do this we need committed players, in Brooklyn or any of the five Boroughs, to join Brooklyn Boule and see that it becomes a world wide recognised club. The affiliation with the FPUSA will not only allow us to play Internationally but also have the support and security of a governing body of Petanque in America.

There have been "discussions" about uniting New York Petanque players from all the satellite clubs of the central "La Boule New Yorkaise", amalgamating all New York petanque clubs under one umbrella, thus making inter-borough games more available and bringing together, yet still keeping their individuality's and uniqueness. But alas until this happens we must do what we can to play as much Petanque as possible and shake the hands of all that we meet.

Brooklyn Pistes:

I have found a site in McCarren park, where I think would be a perfect place to have, Brooklyn's first public Pistes, made. Hopefully these ideas will find their way to the parks department and we can get to work on making this dream a reality. There is an tree-lined stretch of land just between the tennis courts and the Automotive High School, that is rarely used by anyone. It is nicely tucked away from the onslaught of flying projectiles that we are bombarded with under the oaks. Yet still very much a part of the park. And what with the growth and pending clean up of Berry Street, this little niche has the potential of being a very popular spot for Petanque players from all over the city. Please feel free to comment with your suggestions and help support the endeavor......

Beach Bikini Boules.....

Hey she lifted her leg!!!.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008


A dark and moist evening kicked off the new season of Wednesday Night Petanque in McCarren Park. For some reason the Stadium lights were off, and only the warm glow of the path lights lit our way. Yet resourceful and up for a terrain challenge, as petanque players are, we found a spot on one of the Baseball diamonds and played comfortably on in to the night. Much to our delight, Ernesto, Hugh and Hakim from La Boule New Yorkaise Tunneled their way over from Manhattan. So Bruce, Bruce and our good friend Ricard enjoyed an odd numbered game of three against two, as Ricard cheered on from the Batters Bench. As the night wore on a fine mist of rain encouraged the sand to cling to our boules, dampen our cigarettes and Ricard disappeared, so we all headed for dryer ground to wet out whistles at the Turkey's Nest. Thanks for coming over Guys and I hope that more players will be tempted to Brooklyn for "Free Range Petanque playing".........