Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Christmas Crèche from Valerie

It was wonderful to meet up, this summer in New York, with valerie and her family, the creator of these fine animation shorts. She brings such warmth a humor to Pétanque, not only with her movies but as a player too. I look for ward to next years installment of the Christmas Crèche and those dedicated pétanque playing figurines.

A Joyeux Noël to all and may your New Year be filled with Pétanque, sea ,sex and sun......

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to the 'New' Brooklyn Boys.....

Here is a very nice slide show of the birth of Brooklyn's new Pétanque piste. As you can see in the video, NYPC all worked very hard and hands on to create a beautiful space, reminiscent of the communal spaces found all over France. A big round of applause and a 'cheers' to all that made it possible.....and a big thanks to Thierry Julliard for putting the images together.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

E-madness = US $1,450.00

Who are these people that sell Pétanque sets at ridiculous prices? Is the world that greedy? And if Neiman Marcus was selling sets of Pétanque boule in the 60's why not now? Is it not retro or chichi enough? Why is it that crap supersedes quality? Imitation is not the finest form of flattery, it's fraud! All I can add is; thank the heavens Philippe from Pétanque America is here, á la mode, to outfit all with shinny balls, at a reasonable price.

(Although whom ever's selling them did do their homework with a nice write up and I do like the yellow case, but that's beside the point! And 8, why not 12? There's more than enough room, at least get the numbers right. 12 crap balls are better than 8 crap balls.I know they do that in France too, sell vacation sets, by why, why, why!!!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brooklyn Pétanque Bar Tabac tournament on Smith St. SNY tv 2007

Just in case you missed it two years ago, here is the SNY "Street Games" episode of Pétanque, as played on Smith Street in Brooklyn for the Bastille Day Tournament hoasted by Bar Tabac.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The most expensive Boule Set on Ebay

The most expensive Boule Set on Welcome to the world of high priced boule. This fantastically crap set is going for: $230,000, putting Louis Vuitton in his place. I know it's a typo but I do love it.....

Even with the free'd have to be some kind of James Bond Doo Da to win all games no matter what. Yet the case is a bloody give away...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Time Is It.......????


As hard as it is to believe Spring is here in Brooklyn. The sun is shining and the Oaks are budding. Having been incarcerated by the rain for the past few months it is finally time for the 2009 Pétanque season in New York. Yesterday we stopped by the Pistes in McCarren Park to see how the surface was and much to our pleasant surprise two new trees have been planted next to the the old Oaks. The whole park has been dotted by newly planted trees. Fortunately for us, one tree is in a perfect spot to ward off soccer players from the North out field. As we shared a game, under the setting sun, another couple turned out with a shinny new set of Boule, and played tandem on the other piste. More and more players are popping up in North Brooklyn and finding solace beneath the Oaks.

So come, join the fun.
Wednesday Nights will be commencing, if the weather allows.
Sundays will be a flexible free for all, turn up and watch out for incoming projectiles!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Perma Froid....


Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Ebay Gem...

As the cold wind blows through Brooklyn, I pass the time by scouring Ebay, both foreign and domestic, for all Pétanque goodies. This beauty was on, rather pricey but I imagine it's quite rare. A fine item for any lover of both Pastis and Pétanque.

I will continue to post more Objets Trouvé on the blog than last year, but others and see a greater selection and post their own finds on the Brooklyn Boule Message Board.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Iphone goes french, for those that can't....

I saw this image on and had to do a follow up to see what it was about....

So here it is, via

Lonely Planet French Phrasebook

Lonely Planet Mobile Phrasebooks – go native

Want to never be at a loss for words, no matter where you are in the world? With your iPhone, and a little help from Lonely Planet, you’ll have the local lingo licked.

Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel company, now offers its most popular phrasebooks in downloadable audio format, specially tailored to make the most of your iPhone. Don’t just skim the surface on your next trip: with over 600 spoken (and phonetically written) phrases in each guide, you can shop, socialise and shout like a native.

Sort of amazing really, the only French image Lonely Planet could conjure up was a game of Pétanque. Not the Eiffel Tour, the Fleur de Lis or even a bereted man on a bicycle with onions around his neck, but Pétanque, how lovely.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Year New York Update.....

Well, well, well....things are afoot in New York. I was going to write a bit about the goings on that are occurring in the New York Pétanque scene, but now I realize that it has been well documented and even adultered in tabloid slander. Who knew that that there was so much drama?..... But rest assured, Brooklyn Boule has no comment as to the internal goings on of a fine and successful club such as is the LBNY. So I shall keep to the point and try to provide useful information and not idol chitchat... For change is good and changes there are...

Pétanque America's blog has posted a very informative article on the new Brooklyn club 'NYPC' (New York Pétanque Club). So you can read all the information and hoohar there. PA-BLOG. (Thanks Philippe). The more Pétanque playing in Brooklyn the better, (if only we could get some up north, but that's another story.)

Washington Square. If you have seen or been a member of LBNY you know that the have been two fine Pistes in Washington Square for over 40 years I believe. These were the original proving grounds for pétanque in New York. So the park is in the middle of a make over, post Giuliani's "Pot Vending" clean up. The new park will hold one large organic shaped piste that will supposedly support three or four games at a time. Although at the weekends this will be a 'LBNY members only' piste, it will be available throughout the week to non-members. Since it takes time to do anything in New York the there will be no pétanque in Washington Square until sometime after June 2009. More reason to come to Brooklyn. You can see the plans here: Washington Square Plans

Bryant Park, lovely Bryant Park. Last year I spent many an hour there, playing and coaching. Meeting all the regulars and making new friends. This is the place to play Pétanque in the city, a sublime oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. After joining LBNY last year to participate in the club, I found solice in the fact that there were so many people playing pétanque in Manhattan, and with such diversity. I hope to be teaching there this summer as apart of the parks department pétanque development program and LBNY. So if your in Manhattan stop by for a cold Latte and a game. Bryant Park site.
(I don't think I posted this but it was an article that the New York Times put out last year, that I was interviewed for, to give you and idea, if you haven't been there already. NYTIMES)

Bastille Day. Many of you have asked about the Bastille day tournament on Smith Street in Brooklyn. From the little information I have gleaned from hear-say, it seems that it's in question whether or not it will actually take place this year. I don't want to speculate as I don't know the complexities of it, so I'll leave it to unravel and will update as soon as I know exactly what's going on. I do know that the sheer genius and madness that is the Smith Street Tournament, will be missed by many, if indeed it does not take place in Brooklyn. There are possibilities that Manhattan may host one, as in past years, and there are always the LBNY 'Open' tournaments that are held every year. If you do want to play in the Bastille Day events, where ever they maybe, please join La Boule New Yorkaise as this is the only sure way to secure a slot, not to mention all the other benefits of belonging to the finest pétanque club in America.

And Brooklyn Boule's still here, after the parting of my fellow compadre, Mark, things seemed bleak in North Brooklyn. But 'this' year, as with the birth of a new Brooklyn section of LBNY, and the shrinking space of places to play in Manhattan, maybe this will draw more players to McCarren Park, so they can see for them selves that it's not too far from Manhattan and it is rather pleasant under the oaks in the summer time, day or night. The turkey's nest but a few paces away, the French bistro FADA a few blocks away, the park is surrounded by places to eat and drink. The variety of creative craziness that happens in that not-so-little park in North Brooklyn is a sight to be seen in it's self. Pétanque is there, modest and true....

Happy New Year all....

Friday, January 16, 2009

A little late but......

I had to post this, it was sent to me from Valerie Feschet and as I hadn't posted in a while this small film makes up for that I think..... A belated Happy Holidays and New Year to you all......