Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Time Is It.......????


As hard as it is to believe Spring is here in Brooklyn. The sun is shining and the Oaks are budding. Having been incarcerated by the rain for the past few months it is finally time for the 2009 Pétanque season in New York. Yesterday we stopped by the Pistes in McCarren Park to see how the surface was and much to our pleasant surprise two new trees have been planted next to the the old Oaks. The whole park has been dotted by newly planted trees. Fortunately for us, one tree is in a perfect spot to ward off soccer players from the North out field. As we shared a game, under the setting sun, another couple turned out with a shinny new set of Boule, and played tandem on the other piste. More and more players are popping up in North Brooklyn and finding solace beneath the Oaks.

So come, join the fun.
Wednesday Nights will be commencing, if the weather allows.
Sundays will be a flexible free for all, turn up and watch out for incoming projectiles!!!