Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I see darkness on Wednesday night.......

A small video I made Last Wednesday night in McCarren Park. My last game with Mark before he moves to Pittsburg. So long old friend, come back soon.......

We are also off to France, so please excuse our absence from the Park until the end of August.... Until then take care and play in the Park as much as you can.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bastille Day Debauchery......

It taken me a while to get over last weekends Warm Boule, Weak Ricard and Hyperhidrosis. As much fun as the Bar Tabac Tournament is every year, it's pure madness. An orgy of enthusiastic competitiveness as seen in the dog pits around the world...... Game on! Fast, furious and cutthroat. Piratesque chaos, seemingly ruleless mobs of three, swashbuckling their way into the next round, sporting their colors and cunningly scheming their opponents demise. Each of the 80 pistes should come with a keg of rum, as the lines to the bar were far too long and the only way to approach such insanity is in the vane of Hunter.S. Thompson meets Errol Flynn. Start the intoxication early and keep an eye out for large bats flying the Jolly Roger.

All that being said, a big thank you to all involved in making it happen. A lot of time and effort goes into this production, it should be a show on Broadway. Although it started late due to the fact that only one Cement truck full of sand showed up and had to go back for more. Ernesto, of LBNY, did a fine job of making the event go as smoothly as possible.

Since last years national televised upset between Brooklyn Boule and Xavier, Bernard and Gill's team.(LINK) Where there was a disupte about the Cochonnet being out or in. A fundamental rule as been issued concerning the Cochonnet and the Piste barriers. If the Cochonnet hits the barriers at any time in play it's rebound will be left as good and not out. Only if the Cochonnet leaves the Piste does this count as out. This ruling has been, most flatteringly, dubbed "Tristram's Law" by La Boule New Yorkaise and the founders of the Bastille Day Tournament. Such a trouble maker am I. And believe me this rule cause no end of confusion and frustration for all players.

As if the laws of physics and pirate tactics weren't enough to contented with, this year; the "all mighty Pétanque player in the clouds", deemed it nessasary to once again turn on the improbability drive and match us up AGAIN with Xavier, Bernard and Gill! In the same court!!! A surreal occurrence that left us all a bit dumbfounded. But it wasn't until the Cochonnet defied "Tristram's Law" by going underneath the back board and was half in and half out; that left me feeling there was some very odd intervention going on here, "oh crap, not again!!!" Yugve was called to give the call, and it was declared "in". Although they had the chance to knock the back board on the opposite side to make the Cochonnet "out", being gentlemen let it go and played on, beating us 13/1. At leased we didn't get Fannyed. As they went on to win the whole tournament. Good for them, they are the best after all..... and like playing with sand.

So there you are another year, another crazy hot Sunday in Brooklyn. We'll be back next year!!