Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nothing Says Spring Like A kite Stuck In A Tree!!

Ah, Yes..... Spring is finally in the air, kites in the Oaks, frizbees flying and Petanque in the Park! All the creaking bones are finally being to thaw out and and the Boule are rolling as the season of out-door-loveliness commences. We had a wonderful afternoon as players gathered under the yet-to-bud Oaks. Smiles and rusty Petanque playing was accompanied by kids yelling, bats hitting and soccer balls kicked in so many directons that we should all be waring helmets..... As brief as it is, I do love the Spring in New York!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

L'Apéro Pétanque.........

Another Fantastically French way to while away the winter woes and get drunk at the same time. I have yet to find more information on this French Board Game, roughly based, as far as I can tell, on Pétanque. I pulled this off an sale and translated it (badly) via Bable Fish. This was the statement:

Play Aperitif game of bowls

The alcohol abuse is dangerous for health - to consume with moderation.

Play drank: One plays with the rules of game of bowls. You must position your glass more close possible stopper to have the point. One plays as much as one does not have me not.
It is necessary to compose 2 teams of 1 A 3 players.
To point, the white die ert throws advances your glass on the box indicated by the die in the column of your choice.
If while pointing, the course of your glass meets glass déja played, your glass takes the box and other glass positions on the box of front.
To draw throws the red die and enleve all glasses, whatever the column, on the boxes which carry the number indicated by the die and poses your glass on one of these boxes. The players whose glasses left the play, drink their glass.
When all glasses were played, one counts the gaining points, each gaining glass sees gratifier of an amount of aperitif moreover.

This play contains:
- 1 plate
- 1 bill-poster of score
- 2 dice
- 6 glasses

Attention the alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

I love the thoughtful warning given to the potential buyers. So if anyone finds more info on this game please let me know. As we all know what's more fun than playing Pétanque and enjoying the pleasures of a fine cold glass of Pastis.

If your interested in bidding here's the link: L'Apéro Pétanque