Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pétanque Score....COMING SPRING 2011

An iOS app for Pétanque

Keeping your pétanque score has never been easier. In the tradition of a hand-held pocket counter, you rotate the wheels to keep score for each side, 

choose the top score to be played to and set the 'game over' mode for a visual finale. This app will never leave you asking "…..what's the score?" as the boules clack and the pastis is sipped in the afternoon sun. 
Made by pétanque players, for pétanque players. 


•Track score of both players / teams 
•Swipe across to reset score to 0-0 
•Adjust score up and down by turning wheels 
•Remembers score after closing 
•Select highest score 0-11, 0-13, 0-15 
•Set game mode to Game Over or free rotation 
•Shortcut access to instructions (tap 3 fingers on Score screen)

•Click chasing arrows to animate flip 
•Localized for French and English

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