Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brooklyn Boule goes official ........

Brooklyn Boule is now an official FPUSA Pétanque club.

It has been a long time in the making but now with the support of the Federation of Petanque USA and the other New York clubs, we have come together to to give rise to a new pétanque club in North Brooklyn. In doing so we hope to broaden the wealth of players and the love for the game.....
 The club, as of this posting, is still young, with a modest group of dedicated players, with varied skills and playing abilities. We are encouraging players to come and join from all boroughs, no matter what your Pétanque experience is, from novice to pro, there is always room for more.
 Strength in numbers is our goal at the moment. As the sun has started to finally show it's winter-worn face, we will be starting our scheduled meeting times and organizing games. For anyone wanting to become a new member and support the rebirth of Brooklyn Boule please email us at Brooklyn Boule.

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